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Children's Programming

Special 50th Anniversary Fall Program

"From the Page to the Stage"
Performed by Novel Ideas

An improv dramatization of local school children's creative writing

October 18th & 19th, 2011

In October 2011, the Woodstock Fine Arts Association hosted "From the Page to Stage", an Improv dramatization featuring local school children's creative writing, presented by the Novel Ideas Troupe.

Almost 1500 children from McHenry County participated. The children's stories were used in improvisational skits. The student authors were honored onstage, and children from the audience were invited to participate in the skits. It was one of the most popular children's programs the WFAA has ever hosted.

This program was funded in part by the McHenry County Community Foundation. The Woodstock Fine Arts Association assisted two school districts with transportation costs.

In November 2011, the Woodstock District 200 School Board awarded the Woodstock Fine Arts Association special recognition for this wonderful children's program.

Some Comments from Students:

"That was the best field trip I ever had ever."

"I was thrilled when I found out that one of my stories you picked was mine! It was one of the most exciting parts of my life."

"I loved the Opera House so much that when I grow up I am going to go there again."

"Thank you for paying for the gas for the buses."

Some Comments from Teachers:

"The students are still talking about the trip. In fact, when we got back to school several students chose to write during indoor recess."

"Your gift to us makes such a difference in the lives of our students."

"After three weeks, my students are still talking about the programs."

"This was my first time inside the gorgeous Opera House – it was exquisite! I loved everything you did – it was brilliant."

Photos from Fall 2011 Program
From the Page to the Stage - Performed by Novel Ideas

"Historical Scavenger Hunt"

The WFAA has provided Children's Programming since 1961.
We continue to leave our creative imprint on the community we serve.